GM is ready to give Opel and Saab for free

The American auto giant asks his German «daughter» not for money, but for the agreement on investment. As reports Financial Times, referring to informed sources, GM can give the majority of stake of Opel and British Vauxhall, as well as of the Swedish brand Saab to an investor who will promise to invest at least 0.5 billion euros of his capital in the new European association. Opel and Saab can then join the group of companies, which will be located in Germany.

As the leadership of GM announced, Opel needs the assistance of European governments in the amount of about 3.3 billion euros, as well as a new investor for its survival. German automakers want to become an independent European joint stock company in which GM’s shares will be minimal. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pledged to provide guarantees for the new investor. According to the head of GM Fritz Henderson, business GM Europe, 80% consisting of Opel, thanks to the introduction of eko premium is doing better than expected. Liquidation of GM in the European unit is likely to last until the end of the year.


Meanwhile GM’s hopes for the new investor in Europe are strengthening. «I am very encouraged», – said the head of the council of general productiveness of Opel Klaus Franz to the newspaper Handelsblatt, after the auto giant described the success in finding investors. As Mr. Henderson said during the teleconference, he had already talked with more than half a dozen applicants for the German automakers. Among the potential buyers are financial investors, and some auto concerns. According to Fritz Henderson, now they have the financial statements of the company. Commerzbank, which has attracted German automakers to seek investors, recently posted the first part of the documents to potential buyers to increase their interest.


Recently, an Italian newspaper reported about the interest in Opel by the Italian auto company Fiat. The head of the supervisory board of Fiat Luca Cordero, however, refuted this information. As the head of GM said, he believes that one of the major challenges is the restoration of the competitiveness of the American concern: «If we have to do this through the bankruptcy, we will do it». The U.S. government is obliged to the automaker to settle billions of dollars of claims by creditors and the union UAW until the end of May. «The clock is ticking», – Mr. Henderson is forced to recognize. Detroit auto concern has already received 13.4 billion dollars from the state, without which it would not survive. According to the edition of Detroit News, the U.S. government is going to approve an additional 5 billion USD for the short-term help to GM this week. Its rival Chrysler can get support from the state in the amount 500 million dollars.

GM is ready to give Opel and Saab for free