Innovation in China

According to the stated level, China plans to increase the proportion of expenditure on scientific research work to 2.5%, increase the contribution of scientific progress in economic development more than twice and reduce dependence on imported technologies three times by 2020. One of the priorities of China is to enter the top five countries by number of issued patents and the number of references to scientific publications, as well as to take a leading position in science and technology. China apparently is tired of being called the workshop of the world’s cheap consumer goods. It is time for production of high-tech products. And it cannot be realized without innovation.


However, it is clear that innovation comes along with money, or after it. So, it was necessary to take steps that would allow investors to feel comfortable on the Chinese soil. And Chinese took into account that fact – only 30 years of reform China has attracted $ 860 billion in foreign direct investments to its economy. During this same time, 650 000 enterprises with foreign participation were created, which not only eliminated the dependence of a number of industries from imports, but also became the leading suppliers to the world market. As a result, China went to the first position in the field of high-tech engineering products, ensuring 500 per cent increase in exports of manufactured goods from the level of 2002.

Today, the number of researchers in China is approaching to the one of the United States. The number of graduates in information technology each year grows to 200 000 people, which is five times faster than in the West. The big advantage of China is linked with the age structure of scientists – most have not so long ago graduated.


In order to establish a national innovation system, China will have a long and difficult path. In any case, building technology inside the country, China will not abandon the “purchase” innovation. On this occasion, the Middle Kingdom continues to buy. And the case given is relatively easy – crisis, when many are ready to sell, just to survive. It is no coincidence that at the end of April during the meeting of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao with his Finnish counterpart Matti Vanhanenom a question was raised about the establishment of a Helsinki district of China Innovation Center. And yet the Chinese Prime Minister praised Finland’s credit-worthiness, and expressed his hope that Finland would allow its citizens to buy bonds of Suomi. To this end, Beijing is going to send a purchasing and innovation delegation to Finland. For this purpose Celestial is ready for feats. And Chinese people have achieved their goals more than once before.

Innovation in China
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