New life in the “country of smiles”

Geography offers of real estate in Thailand are closely linked with resort-beach-oriented consumer demand. More than 60% of transactions on sale of housing to foreigners accounts for the tourist capital – Pattaya. Property in Pattaya is chosen as by those buyers who intend to use their housing for a few weeks of the year, renting it the rest of the time, and experts, who choose Thailand as the new place of permanent residence. Many buyers are also interested in commercial real estate segment. Phuket or Samui islands are preferred by wealthy people, because the price of real estate, and the cost of living is much higher there than on the mainland. There is even a special term in Thailand – villa phuket style, which means especially splendid. Also on Phuket and Samui the sea and beaches are much cleaner than in Pattaya.


But real estate in Bangkok is usually bought by businessmen who are in the capital of Thailand for their business affairs or by employees of major international companies. According to Homes Collection Nigel Kornik, CEO of Raimon Land Company, these investors are attracted by the availability of home prices compared with those of other capitals of Southeast Asia. Singapore, for example, is 8 times more expensive than Bangkok and Hong Kong is ten times more expensive.

It should be remembered that there are some legal restrictions, in which a foreigner can not buy a house in Thailand in his name. In fact, from a legal point of view of the house – it is not only the structure but also the land on which it stands. And by law the land in Thailand can not be sold to a foreigner. The barring can be evaded by the acquisition of the so-called “legal status” – that is, by registering a Thai company. This happens as follows: Thai lawyer, who works with the Agency for Real Estate, registers a legal entity, obtains for it a house and later maintains its case.


Any real estate is a good piece, and the price level even of an apartment in the same house may differ significantly. The real estate market in Thailand in this regard is no exception.
As elsewhere, the price depends on the location of houses, proximity to the sea and shopping centers, transportation accessibility, the quality of the building and its interior design, social environment, infrastructure.

While it is impossible to estimate the average cost per square meter, the lower segment of the market can be considered a house that costs $ 550-950 per sq. m. A little more expensive are single apartments built in the complex on the island of Samui – about $ 55.9 thousand for the 48 sq. m., they are 800 meters from the beach.

In the upper price segment prices start from $ 3200 per sq. m. and are limited only. For example, a small villa on the island of Phuket in the area of residential buildings Laya Tara is offered at a cost of approximately $ 290 thousand for 79 “squares.”

New life in the “country of smiles”