US stock market on July 16

Stock trades in the United States culminated with the decline of leading indices on June 16 2009. The conflicting data of macroeconomics, as well as disappointing corporate news warn investors that the long-awaited economic recovery will not come as soon as expected.


Even before the opening of the trading session, the U.S. Department of Commerce (US Department of Commerce) reported a sudden increase in construction of new homes. According to the data, this index increased by 17.2% – up to 532 thousand units in May compared with that of the previous month. This is significantly better than the expectations of analysts, which forecasted a growth of up to 500 thousand units, and it allowed bidders to forget about the recession for some time. Simultaneously, the Ministry of Labor of the States (US Department of Labor) reported that industrial prices (index PPI) of the United States increased by 0.2% in May 2009 compared to the previous month, while analysts had expected growth rate by 0.7%.


Positive news from the housing market was somewhat balanced by a greater-than-expected decline in industrial production in the United States in May. The indicator has decreased by 1.1% in monthly terms, while experts predicted a decline of 0.9-1%.

At the end of the trading day Dow Jones index fell by 107.46 points (-1.25 per cent) – up to 8504.67 point, NASDAQ – by 20.20 points (-1.11 per cent) – up to 1796.18 point, S & P – by 11.45 points (-1.27 per cent) – up to 911.97 points.

US stock market on July 16